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Vision & Mission

Educational Objectives

To be at the cutting edge of the biomedical engineering industry, Korea University School of Biomedical Engineering has the objective of cultivating professionals who are experts in the various fields of medicine, basic science, and engineering.

Educational Vision

The school aims to cultivate core talent that possess world class expertise in the biomedical engineering field. To achieve this goal, we have a three-pronged focus, as follows:

1. Education
  • The School runs Seoul’s first ever independent undergraduate biomedical engineering program.
  • It offers courses focused on the three major areas of the field (medical equipment, medical materials, medical imaging / Iatrophysics).
  • It also offers a support program for undergraduate and master’s courses.
2. Industrial-Educational Cooperation
  • The School has achieved top recognition for its partnership approach with domestic industry.
  • It supports the KU-BME Internship, an engineering program related to the medical equipment industry.
  • It offers support for undergraduates searching for employment and for business start-ups.
3. Exchange and Support
  • The School's target is to enter the medical engineering field’s world top 20 by 2020.
  • It operates short and long term exchange programs with prestigious foreign universities.
  • It supports undergraduate participation in overseas exhibitions and conferences.