Hello, this is Human Rights Center.

KU has provided Human Rights and Gender Equality Education to all members of KU since 2017 to enhance human rights sensitivity and the perception of gender equality. According to KU regulation, every undergraduate and general graduate school student who enrolled from 2017 must take Human rights and Gender equality education.

- Undergraduate: Once per each grade (Total 4 times before graduation)


- Graduate: Once before graduation



2018 Human rights and Gender Equality Education is available on Black Board(http://kulms.korea.ac.kr), from March 19th, 2018 to February 28th, 2019. The registration is as follows.

  Blackboard > ‘Course’ menu > At the bottom right, Click ‘[학부/대학원] 2018 인권과성평등교육 > The education can be taken on ‘My course’

  Detailed manuals are attached below

Inquiry : Human Rights Center (extension 2843)